The Love of her life. We have bad timing.

Sep 02

Beckett’s body saying ‘take me, Castle. Right now.’

Beckett’s body saying ‘take me, Castle. Right now.’

Sep 02

quote Maybe a relationship is just two idiots who don’t know a damn thing except the fact that they’re willing to figure it out together.

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This totes describes Caskett, amiright?

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Sep 02


don’t date anyone who doesn’t want to hear your favorite song, watch your favorite movie, read your favorite book

Sep 02







Castle 04x23 Always Extended Kiss Scene

I’m sorry. I have to comment on the fact that both of them—BOTH of them—after FOUR YEARS of ridiculous amounts  of sexual tension actually managed to take things slow once they got to the bedroom. I seriously thought they would be flying at each other and ripping off clothes, but I am so touched that they both realize how important this moment is to them and they took their time. That’s unspeakably sweet. I am so happy they let us see this scene. It’s just beautiful and I adore it and I adore them even more knowing that their first time was like this. Especially with Kate letting Castle take the lead. [/ugly crying]

yes, yes and YES AGAIN !!

They were so GENTLE with each other…it’s like they embraced the 4 years of sexual tension shutting that front door and then ..OH MY..and THEN  they just took time to know every inch of their bodies and it’s SO REALISTIC…Unlike many shows and movies were the first time is all wild and stuff…and…AND….AND I JUST HAVE SO MANY FANFIC THAT GO THIS WAY ! 


The wild and crazy stuff happened in round 2, probs in the shower

Sep 02

quote I’m so overwhelmed

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Aug 27


n. A gentle touch or gesture of fondness, tenderness, or love.

Aug 27

“There’s nothing quite like loving someone you can’t have. Nothing quite like accepting that, and forgetting that, and then having it suddenly, inexplicably come back around. A chance, an offer of better timing, and suddenly you’re lit like a city again.” (x)

Aug 27

quote Josh, I miss you everyday. What were you thinking ?

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Aug 27




I don’t usually comment on posts but this one, I have to. I’m so happy they did this and it makes me even happier that they took the time during they shooting with their heavy schedule that we know they have. Not only they did it in an amazing and funny way but they also did that last part that it’s the most important part. It’s was THE reminder of why they’re doing this, that despite of all the fun, the cuteness from Stana being all dramatic first and then being an adorable little girl all excited (((which I actually died because COME ON THIS WOMAN))), Jon chasing Stana and poor Seamus getting the worst part, THAT reminder that is so important. The reminder of the REASON of this challenge, the reminder that this is not something to do just for fun but somethng to do to HELP. Something we all need to remember, because this is big and important. And the fact that they nominted all of those who haven done it and encuraged the to DONATE, it made it even more perfect. I’m so happy to call myself a fan of these wonderful people.

Please if youre doing it, DONATE

Aug 27

In “Heart,” passion for work—a case against an insurance company that is trying to deny an expectant mother a surgery—translates into the other kind of passion, as Will finally kisses Alicia, after months of seeming just about to. Alicia’s attack of conscience plays out beautifully and bittersweetly, and the two spend the rest of the episode searching for each other and never quite syncing up. The next day, Will says to her: “We’ve always had bad timing.*” It is a pronouncement that rings true for the rest of the series. (x)